Since I Left Home

by Liz Bowater

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About the Album:
For those who have followed Liz Bowater through her ten year journey in songwriting, this album will serve as a welcome bookend to all that’s happened in those years. For those who are just joining the journey, it will be a good introduction. The album is a presentation of the growing pains and earnest resolutions that come with relocating to a new city, moving on after a lost love, and the reconciliation of faith. The songs tell stories you’d expect to hear spoken among friends in living rooms or over the dining table, while sharing cups of coffee or cheap wine.

“Since I Left Home” has, technically, been in the works for a few years now but the project has never gotten more than a few feet off the ground. This time, thanks to a recording grant from the Rivertown Music Club and a successful fundraising campaign on, it finally came together.

Working with a strict timeline and budget, Bowater contacted Ric Hordinski, famed local musician and music producer, to see if he was willing to help her make a quick, painless live recording in his space—The Monastery Studio in Walnut Hills. She also enlisted the help of local musician Daniel Joseph Dorff (piano and drums), and fellow Blue Jordan Records artists Brandon Dawson (guitar, vocals) and Mike Helm (bass guitar).

Most of the songs were recorded live with only one voice, a guitar, and piano; a few songs were recorded with a live band. All ten tracks were recording in less than two full recording days. Then, Hordinski worked at the tail-end to mix the tracks. The result is a simple and often intensely personal recording, un-buffered by a lot of the effects and production stunts that accompany many contemporary albums.

According to Bowater, “I didn’t set out to make anything fancy. The songs didn’t really call for it. I wanted to allow myself the freedom for what I appreciate in other artists—honesty in not only the content, but also the presentation of the music.”

A House Concert tour is planned for 2012-2013.


released April 1, 2012

Liz Bowater- Guitar, Vocals; Daniel Joseph Dorff- Piano. Brandon Dawson- Guitar, Vocals; Mike Helm- Bass
Recorded & mixed at The Monastery Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio. Engineered by Matt Moermond. Recorded by Ric Hordinski & circumstance.


all rights reserved


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